Brooker Aluminium Fishing Boats

Sirocco Marine South has been involved with Brooker Sea-al aluminium boats in New South Wales for over 25 years and is the Sydney dealer for these fantastic vessels. Stocking a large range of these fantastic boats. Plus the occasional used boat.

Brooker Sea-al aluminium boats and the Brooker galvanised boat trailers were introduced into the marine market in 1966. Brooker Sea-al soon became a household name.
Today’s Brooker Sea-al boat caters for everyone from professional fishermen to the average family. Brooker Sea-al take pride in the fact that they produce an affordable boat without compromising on quality. Their designs combine strength and stability while still maintaining the sporty image that is so popular.
Their 25 models range in size from 3.4 metres to 5.35 metres and all are built with positive foam flotation for maximum safety. A variety of options and modifications are also available.

To find out more download the brochures below:

Center Console Series

Open D & V Series

Runabout Series